Amidar, Turtles, and Scramble Remix

Support for Amidar, and Turtles has been added to the BitKit! To install the firmware update, first download and install the latest version of the BitKit Manager (v2.5). Then relaunch the application, and click “Install firmware update” on the left sidebar.

Turtles & Amidar take the place of Nibbler 6p and Nibbler 8, and so will be named as such in the Game Menu. You can re-name both games to the correct titles from Options->Games->Amidar, and Options->Games->Turtles on the BitKit menu.

If you already have Scramble installed, on the BitKit menu navigate to Options->Games->Scramble, and choose “Erase Game”. Then use the BitKit Manager to re-install Scramble, which will pick up the rom patches needed for the “remix”. To switch between regular Scramble, and the “remix”, go to Options->Games->Scramble on the BitKit Menu, and toggle the REMIX setting ON/OFF.

This update also expands the BitKit to 30 game slots. The extra slots will be used automatically by the BitKit Manager as needed when you upload games. Your BitKit may restart several times (boom! sound) when installing to the extra slots.

The sound mix for Scramble & Super Cobra has also been fine tuned so the bullet volume is consistent, and does not drop out.

Finally, for those with 1 buttons cabs, there is now an option in the BitKit Menu for Scramble & Super Cobra to use the P1 Start button as the “bomb” button.