The BitKit2 is a JAMMA FPGA platform for accurately playing arcade classics, featuring WiFi & Bluetooth for wireless updating.

BitKit Arcade FPGA

  • Supports 70+ vertical games
  • Now plays 10 horizontal titles!
  • High Score saving & online leaderboards
  • Direct boot option
  • Independent settings for each game
  • Screen flip & cocktail support
  • Credit Cheat option for adding credits
  • Special Features! (see below)
  • WiFi & Bluetooth

* Game rom files are not included.

The BitKit2 is intended for home use only.

If somebody snuck into my home, installed this board, and set it to boot to Nibbler, I would never have noticed the difference.
– Tim McVey

MSRP $199 USD + shipping

Special Features

  • Scramble “remix” – New course to challenge you, with extras
  • Nibbler Practice Mode – Set a fixed speed for all waves, and hone your skills!
  • Play Vanguard with 1, 2, or 4 fire buttons
  • Jump Bug has accurate sound – (MAME is missing sound effects)
  • Eyes’99 – Extended scoring up to 99,999,990 points