Download the BitKit Manager desktop app using the links below. This application is used to update BitKit firmware, download high scores, and more. You may receive a warning from your operating system that this application is not digitally signed.

If you are updating from the old Menu system (pre-July 2019), read the note at the bottom of this page for additional instructions.

3.3.0 Release Notes

  • Support for Hot Shocker
  • Windows users: Remove previous version before installing
    (Control Panel -> Uninstall Program)
Bluetooth Setup (BitKit v4)
BitKit Manual

BITKIT Update Note

If your BitKit has not been updated since before July 2019 (old Menu system), follow the instructions below to update your firmware to the latest version.

  • It is recommended that you reset the BitKit configuration to defaults before updating firmware. The latest version of the BitKit Manager has a “Reset Config” option in the left-hand navigation.
  • If you have customized a lot of game names & settings, you can attempt the firmware update without resetting the BitKit configuration. However, if you have set a single game to boot directly, turn that option off before attempting the firmware update.
  • If you experience glitches in the Menu such as missing games, lock-ups, etc. you will need to reset the BitKit configuration using the BitKit Manager.

Resetting the BitKit config will NOT affect High Scores.

If you have Menu issues after installing the firmware update, and resetting the BitKit config using the BitKit Manager did not solve those issues, please contact me and I will help get it sorted.