The BitKit is an 8bit FPGA platform for playing arcade classics as accurately as possible. Plug-and-play in any JAMMA arcade cabinet, with a USB interface for updating firmware, and loading game files*.


  • Supports 13 Games!
  • High Score saving & online leaderboards
  • Direct boot option
  • Independent settings for each game
  • Screen flip & cocktail support
  • Free Play option for all games
  • USB interface for easy updating

* Game rom files are not included.

Nibbler, Fantasy, Pioneer Balloon, Vanguard, Zarzon, Eyes, Mr TNT, Eggor, Piranha, Titan, Glob/Beastie Feastie, Pengo, Lizard Wizard

The BitKit is intended for home use only.

If somebody snuck into my home, installed this board, and set it to boot to Nibbler, I would never have noticed the difference.
– Tim McVey


Test Pattern Generator
The TPG is a 9V battery operated test pattern generator for Standard & Medium Resolution arcade monitors (15khz/24khz).

Test Pattern Generator

  • Over a dozen patterns. Crosshatch, Color Bars, Solid Colors, Checkerboard, and other patterns.
  • Enable/Disable patterns via built-in menu.
  • Multiple Sync Outputs (HV +/-, composite +/-)
  • R,G,B Cutoff
  • Inverted Mode for Sanyo/Sharp Nintendo monitors
  • Sleep function to conserve battery