The BitKit2 is a JAMMA FPGA platform for accurately playing arcade classics, featuring Bluetooth for wireless updating. Compared to the original BitKit, the BitKit2 features a more powerful FPGA chip, and 4x flash storage!

BitKit Arcade FPGA

  • Supports 40+ Games
  • High Score saving & online leaderboards
  • Direct boot option
  • Independent settings for each game
  • Screen flip & cocktail support
  • Credit Cheat option for adding credits
  • Special Features! (see below)
  • Wireless Bluetooth

* Game rom files are not included.

Supported Games: Eyes, Mr TNT, Eggor, Piranha, Titan, Scramble, Armored Car,
Super Cobra, Jump Bug, Turtles, Amidar, The Glob, Beastie Feastie, Eeekk!, Pengo,
Lizard Wizard, Crush Roller, Anteater, Frogger, Nibbler, Fantasy, Pioneer Balloon, Vanguard,
Zarzon, Tazz-mania, Triple Punch, The End, Crazy Kong, UniWarS, Moon Cresta, and more.

The BitKit2 is intended for home use only.

If somebody snuck into my home, installed this board, and set it to boot to Nibbler, I would never have noticed the difference.
– Tim McVey

MSRP $179 USD + shipping

Special Features

  • Scramble “remix” – New course to challenge you, with extras
  • Nibbler Practice Mode – Set a fixed speed for all waves, and hone your skills!
  • Play Vanguard with 1, 2, or 4 fire buttons
  • Jump Bug has accurate sound – (MAME is missing sound effects)
  • Eyes’99 – Extended scoring up to 99,999,990 points